Andrew Drayer   

SVP, Strategic Growth

Andrew is responsible for all aspects of growing Salem Five Insurance.  He partners with the sales leaders and account managers within the organization to help develop and execute practices that are efficient and competitive for our customers.  Andrew also leads our mergers and acquisitions team, and helps to ensure that Salem Five Insurance is constantly looking for opportunities to expand our reach to better serve customers throughout the region. Andrew is a licensed attorney with over 20 years of experience in insurance.  Prior to joining Salem Five Insurance, he worked for a large, multinational insurance company, both as an attorney and a marketing and business development executive.

Andrew currently resides in Westborough, Massachusetts with his family and serves as a trustee of the Insurance Library in Boston.

If you are an agent thinking about the future of your agency, contact Andrew to start the conversation. Salem Five has a strong track record of working with agencies in order to help them achieve their specific goals.  At Salem Five, we understand that every agency is unique, and we are committed to finding creative solutions that meet the particular objectives for your agency.  Contact Andrew if you want to learn more.